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Feexpay FeexPay


Generate payment links and share them with your customers via Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, email and SMS.

Feexpay FeexPay


Make your life easier by making bulk payments to your employees, customers, suppliers, etc...

FeexMarket-Agrégation de paiement


Benefit from a single payment link for all the products in your store and enjoy an online store directly accessible by your customers.

Thanks to the FeexPay payment aggregator, centralize all your transactions in one account

Why choose feexPay ?

The development of digital finance is a catalyst for the growth of companies and by extension for the emergence of our nations. FeexPay is this money transfer service that supports you in the development of your business through innovative, secure, reliable and high economic impact solutions.

A relational culture of proximity

Developing your business means contributing to the development of the continent. We are with you and attentive to your needs.

Personalized service and assistance

Your problems are specific and specific. We provide solutions tailored to your needs and requirements

Centralized collection service

No need to generate links for each product or service. We offer you an optimized online store and a single account to list all your transactions.


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