Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

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Account opening

• Are there any fees for opening an account ?

Your registration on our platform is totally free.

• How do I validate my account after registration?

Immediately after registration, you will get an email asking you to provide a set of required documents for verification and only after this step you will have your account validated.


• Are the transactions secure?

We assure you that your transactions are totally secure through our different security protocols that you can find in the security section of our website.

• How do you protect personal data?

Make sure you keep your different passwords secret. Despite this, FeexPay offers you the proper security device for the protection of your data while you are on the platform.

Payment methods

• What payment methods are accepted ?

MTN Mobile Money / MOOV Money / VISA / MASTERCARD

Refund method

• How long will it take for the transfer to take effect after a payment request ?

Most of the time, refunds or repayments are instantaneous by mobile payment. On the other hand, it may happen that your requests are processed within a maximum period of 48 hours depending on the amount requested. Regarding the bank transfer, the refund will depend on the processing time of the transaction by the bank.


• Can we get support during the integration ?

You will benefit from dedicated support for any difficulty regarding integrations and any problem encountered in the use of our platform.


• Is it possible to create several stores on the same merchant account ?

You have the option of creating multiple stores linked to the same merchant account. The statistical data of these shops will be different and will allow you to easily take stock of the different transactions per shop.


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