Choosing FeexPay means opting for highly secure, fast and reliable operations.



En applicant la norme PCI DSS, Feexpay indique prendre les mesures appropriées pour protéger les données des titulaires de cartes contre l’arnaque sur internet ou toute autre utilisation frauduleuse. Un dispositif qui protège les utilisateurs mais également la plateforme fournisseur de services de paiements FEEXPAY

Code OTP

One Time Password: ce code vous est envoyé lors de votre inscription ou dans le cas de certaines opérations sensibles sur la plateforme. C’est un code de confirmation et de sécurité.

API Keys (test and live)

These are values ​​that identify and authenticate a site during a payment. These values ​​differ whether for a simple test or during an actual payment.

Time Out

This is a period after which your session expires in case of inactivity on your account. For better security, this period is 10 minutes in case of forgetting to disconnect, for example.

Redundancy of our servers & Backup of our databases

A system that has been designed to avoid malfunctions on the platform. If one server fails, another takes over.

Customer confirmation via smartphone (A2F)

It ensures that the customer has indeed requested an operation and wishes to confirm it by sending a secret code to their smartphone.


Protection of information

Our obligation is to secure all of your data. Thus, through our various procedures and audits, we prevent any attack or malicious intrusion.

Data encryption

We protect all your data using a double encryption method.

Authentication and session management

An identification device at each new connection is set up, leading us not to store the passwords of your different accounts. A process that can be tedious for the customer who will have to reconnect each time but which ensures the security of his account.

Open Web Application Security Project

We align ourselves on the basis of the recommendations, methods and tools of this international community in terms of securing payments.


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